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Dr. Cheney's Treatment on 
Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites

Cheney recommends the following to fight bacteria, fungus (including candida) and parasites. (A UCLA study documented that most CFS/FM patients had bacterial overgrowths in the small intestine that contribute to symptoms of fatigue, pain and "brain fog".) 

In a small amount of water combine the following liquid extracts: 

Uva Ursi extract - 15 drops
Pau D'Arco extract - 15 drops
Wormwood (artemesia) / Black Walnut extract - 15 drops 

Take on an empty stomach between meals, one month on then one month off. He recommends the brands Gaia or Eclectic Institute. 

All three extracts are available at a discount from (800.634.1380).

This information came from our January 2002 newsletter.

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