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New Cheney Video Available!

The new DVDs of Dr. Paul Cheney's recent seminar "CFS: Is Oxygen the Problem? A Four Part Treatment Protocol" presented on April 25th 2009 in Fairfax, VA are now available.

The DVDs are available in both NTSC format (purple disc covers for USA, Canada, etc.) and PAL format (blue disc covers for UK, Europe, Australia, etc). The seminar is on two DVDs, so you must purchase both Disc 1 and Disc 2. The cost is $6 per disc.

USPS First Class shipping to US destinations is $5 for both discs, bringing the cost of the set to $17 (NY addresses add 99 cents sales tax). For destinations outside the U.S., shipping via Airmail for both discs is $8 for a total of $20 for the set. Save on shipping costs when purchasing multiple sets sent to single address. Additional shipping options are also available with estimated arrival dates for each.

On the DVDs order page, enter the destination address info at the top, then enter the quantity of discs and click on calculate shipping. Billing address, if different, may be entered on the following checkout page.

Support Group News

If you regularly visit our site you have probably noticed it hasn't changed for quite some time. This has been due to changes in our organization and health related issues of our volunteers. Site updates will resume shortly and we hope to have a newsletter available soon as well. We will also be resuming our meetings and will announce those as soon as we have a schedule.

We appreciate your patience and hope you will continue to find the information available here a great resource. If you can't find something, please let us know and we'll do our best to locate it for you.

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